About Us
TEMSER was founded in 1994 as an Equipment Marketing Agent and Service Supplier. During the evolution of the company, the necessity for development and diversification of products lead TEMSER to expand its business activities into Steel Products & Industrial Equipment Manufacturing. TEMSER, continue its activity at its production plant located in Istanbul / Şekerpınar Industrial Zone with more than 2.200 m 2 closed area.

TEMSERcontinues its activities in Turkey and abroad as a specializedcompany on design, production, installation, system automation, commissioning and maintenance of Custom Design carbon and stainless steel product, water treatment equipment, storage tanks and conveyor systems, industrial machines and heating equipments .

Thanks to its expert workforce and proven technical solutions, TEMSER as a project partner serves to a wide range of industries, from environmental contractors to shipyards, from power plants to steel industries

TEMSER is committed to utmost reliability principles and applies the standards of Quality Management System at every stage of its services starting from the design phase to the commissioning phase.


Power Plants
Steel Industry
Food Industry
Petro-Chemical Industry
Automobile Industry